• At HealthStream, we stand with the African American community
    and all who fight against racism and inequality. The unjust death of George Floyd follows upon a long history of racial injustice, which continues to be a deep crack in our foundational and Constitutional right to equality. We believe it's time for change.

    HealthStream Supports Caregivers in the Coronavirus Pandemic

    Access Free Resources

    • Coronavirus Free Resources

      Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support

      In response to this coronavirus pandemic, HealthStream is offering a collection of carefully curated courses to all customers for free.

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      Top 10 Healthcare Trends of 2020

      Healthcare is changing rapidly. Download this Article to learn how these trends are impacting healthcare practice and delivery.

    • Managing Opioids, Pain, and Chronic Disease

      Addressing a Population in Pain

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      May the Workforce Be With You

      Healthcare is battling threats on all fronts. Today’s healthcare leaders need a well-prepared workforce that can manage threats as they arise. 

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      Tackling Challenges Across the Care Continuum

      Healthcare beyond the hospital walls has unique and complex challenges. Take on these challenges with a simple, smart and complete solution.

    • Retain nurses and lower nurse turnover


      Arm yourself with the information you need to build an effective retention strategy.

    • Protect the Bottom Line

      Protect Your Bottom-Line in the Face of Change

      With the rapidly changing healthcare landscape, every leader shares the critical responsibility of influencing revenue and the bottom-line.

    • Healthcare training for patient safety in hospital

      Improve Patient Safety

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      Readmissions and medical errors have real consequences, are you prepared to protect patients and your bottom line?

    • Healthcare leadership development programs

      Identify & Develop Your Leaders

      These are challenging times, and strong leaders rise to the occasion. 

    • Healthcare organization with medical technologies solutions

      Medical Technology & Device Training

      Focus on bringing education and accountability to a new level.

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      Support for Your Magnet® Journey

      Implement a measured and tangible journey toward Magnet designation.

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      Onboard & Develop Your People

      When employees are confident they perform better, and patients notice it, too.

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    Over the last 25 years, thousands of healthcare organizations have partnered with HealthStream to help fulfill their promise of high quality care.

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    • Mary Lanning Healthcare
    • San Luis Valley Health
    CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System


    Learn how the HealthStream Nurse Residency Pathway program gave CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System the structure that they were looking for and needed, to support and retain their newly licensed nurses.
    Mary Lanning Healthcare


    Mary Lanning Healthcare believes effective employee recognition is a key component in creating an engaged workforce. Learn more about how they implemented AMPT to boost their empoyee recognition program. Read Full Story

    San Luis Valley Health

    San Luis Valley Health (SLVH) used HealthStream’s Nurse Residency Pathway as an essential component of the effort to improve orientation and retention for new nurse residents. Read Full Story

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    To Improve Patient Access Success in Healthcare, Measure Performance

    View All Blogs


    At HealthStream, we are driven by a passion to improve the quality of healthcare. This passion often stems from personal experience, and is the motivator behind the work we do every day. Watch as four HealthStream employees share their stories about the moments that influenced their commitment to improving high-quality resuscitation training.


    The Heart of HealthStream

    Watch as four HealthStream employees share their stories about how high-quality resuscitation training has impacted their lives, and learn how each story contributed to the choice to commit themselves to improving the quality of healthcare.

    James Wilber, RN, Product Manager

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    Tonya Cooke, Project Manager

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    William Morris, RN, Resuscitation Coach

    A heart attack can be a scary and stressful experience, especially when it happens to someone you love. Watch as Will discusses the loss of his father at a young age and how it reinforced his decision to go into healthcare.

    Kerry Cicero, Vice President, Marketing

    As someone who witnessed her mother pass away of a heart attack prematurely, Kerry took matters into her own hands when it comes to her heart health. Watch how her experience forever changed her outlook on CPR training for healthcare professionals.



    • Introducing ILCOR
      International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation
      Introducing ILCOR: Where Do Our Resuscitation Guidelines Come From?

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      Read More

    • 熊猫加速器怎么收费
      Denied Claims Through The Revenue Cycle

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    • Ten Trends That Are Redefining Healthcare
      Ten Trends That Are Redefining Healthcare

      The healthcare industry is in a time of great uncertainty, but also great innovation. Join Robin Rose, Vice President Healthcare Resource Group at Hea...


    • Clinical Journey
      Discover Your Journey to Clinical Excellence

      Meet James! He just graduated from nursing school and is eager to develop his clinical skills. Lucky for James his hospital uses HealthStream. Take an...

      View Now

    • Responsible Use of Social Media in Healthcare
      Responsible Use of Social Media in Healthcare

      The days when social media was viewed as a fun communications platform for the younger generations are definitely over. Today, social media has become...

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